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Clinical Communication Skills for Medicine (ebook)


Autor : Lloyd, Margaret

Materia : E-books

Editorial : ELSEVIER

Año : 2018

Edición : 4

Idioma : Inglés

ISBN : 9780702072154

Paginas : 260

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Over the years since this book was first published the teaching of communication skills has steadily evolved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. The aim has been to educate a generation of doctors to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients, relatives and colleagues. Doctors increasingly recognise that communication skills in medical practice are not simply about positive engagement with patients but that effective communication also helps to better understand a patient's problem, the impact it has on the patient's life and relationships, and also how best to manage the problem.

The purpose of this book is to produce a practical guide to the learning and development of communication skills that is of value to students throughout their careers. The order of the chapters reflects this development, from basic communication skills to those required in dealing with challenging situations. Since the last edition there has been continuing research in all aspects of communication in medicine and this is reflected both in the text and references.

    • This is a practical guide to learning and developing communication skills throughout medical training.

  • The chapters range from the development of basic skills to those dealing with challenging and difficult situations.

For this new edition all of the chapters have been revised and new material added. The text takes full account of the changing nature of the doctor-patient relationship and has an increased emphasis on the patient perspective. New chapters acknowledge how the student role differs to that of the doctor and discusses appropriate strategies when the tasks are different. The text incorporates new material reflecting on current topics such as supporting behavioural change, the communication of risk, and inter-professional communication.

This Fourth Edition is written for medical students as well as those doctors in training who might not previously have had benefited from clinical communication teaching. In a new chapter there is guidance on how students can reflect on and evaluate their own communications.

The Fourth Edition will be printed in an enhanced new two-colour design with an accompanying ebook version in StudentConsult.