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Building a Medical Vocabulary - E-Book (ebook)


Autor : Leonard, Peggy C.

Materia : E-books

Editorial : ELSEVIER

Año : 2017

Edición : 10

Idioma : Inglés

ISBN : 9780323480307

Paginas : 720

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Learn to simplify complex medical terminology. Using a comprehensive, yet easy way to learn medical terms, Building a Medical Vocabulary, 10th Edition, introduces a step-by-step approach to effective communication in the healthcare environment. Beginning with commonly used medical terms, the text moves cleanly through more difficult vocabulary by adding new combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes. Small segments of material are immediately followed by fill-in exercises. Learning is also reinforced with Evolve resources such as interactive games, animations, and audio pronunciations. Organizing medical terms by body system, this text provides you with the building blocks for effective communication in the healthcare environment.

  • Healthcare Reports and case studies encourage you to apply your knowledge to job-like situations.
  • Programmed Learning sections allow you to actively participate in learning and get instant feedback on your progress.
  • Strong level of A&P coverage provides the background that you need to understand body systems in the context of medical terminology.
  • Thorough explanation of terms enhances your understanding by presenting vocabulary in the context of medical settings.
  • Be Careful with These caution boxes highlight important distinctions you need to make among terms that are similar in spelling and/or pronunciation.
  • List of key terms with pronunciations in each chapter provides you with a helpful review that coordinates with audio files on the Evolve companion website.
  • Comprehensive end-of-chapter reviews bring learning full circle and allow you to measure your learning against chapter objectives.
  • Glossary/Index makes it easy to find words and their definitions, and is great for final exam review.
  • Clear, conversational writing style makes reading and absorbing the material enjoyable.
  • Vocabulary list at the end of each chapter provides a quick review of important terms along with their pronunciations.
  • Bookmark pronunciation guide makes it easy to find pronunciations and may also be used to cover the answer column while working the programmed learning sections of the text.
  • Function first sections orient you to physiology and why each body system is important.
  • Spanish translations familiarizes you with common Spanish terminology that you are likely to encounter in the clinical environment.

  • NEW! Additional healthcare reports allow you to see terminology in context.
  • NEW! Pharmacology in the body systems chapters lists common drug classes with pharmaceuticals.
  • NEW! Oncology chapter provides terminology in this important area of healthcare.