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Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery


Autor : Corbridge. Rogan

Materia : Cirugía

Editorial : Oxford

Año : 2010

Edición : 2da

Idioma : Español

ISBN : 9780199550791

Tamaño : 20cm x 13cm

Paginas : 400

Encuadernación : Rustica

Tipo de Impresión : Bicolor Negro/Rojo

Presentación : De bolsillo

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This second edition of a best-selling Oxford Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the practice of ENT and head and neck surgery in a concise, practical, and easily accessible format. For use on the ward or for revision purposes, this new edition is organized anatomically and each section provides a summary of the essential approach to a specific presenting complaint. Quick access chapters are included detailing emergency conditions and their acute management. This new edition includes expanded sections on anatomy, pediatrics, drugs, practical and surgical procedures, and emergencies. There are new chapters covering ENT manifestations HIV/AIDS and sleep disorders. Still the only pocket-sized reference of ENT available, this handbook is unique in offering diagnostic flowcharts which guide readers based on specific sets of symptoms. Patient-centered and practical, this book represents a more accurate experience for those typically faced with ENT and neck surgery in clinical practice. Features Incorporates learning objectives, ward management information, and common modes of presentation in a concise single volume Covers the preparation of patients for theatre as well as overviews of common operations Features new chapters on ENT manifestations in HIV/AIDS, sleep disorders, common drugs used in ENT, and paediatric ENT conditions Includes expanded coverage of anatomy, practical and surgical procedures, and emergencies Emphasizes a patient-centred, practical approach throughout


1. Overview
2. ENT examination
3. Common methods of presentation
4. Investigations in ENT
5. External ear
6. Middle ear
7. Inner ear
8. The skull base
9. Nose and sinuses
10. The mouth, tonsils and adenoids
11. The salivary glands
12. The larynx
13. The oesphagus
14. The neck
15. The thyroid
16. Sleep disorders
17. Paediatric ENT conditions
18. Common operations
19. Ward care
20. Allied health professionals
21. Common drugs used in ENT disorders (and their side effects)
22. Practical procedures
23. ENT emergencies
24. Glossary of ENT terms and eponyms



Clinical Tutor and ENT Consulttant Royal Berkshire Hospital